How to Store Cream: Common Mistakes to Avoid

How to Store Cream: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Tips for Properly Storing Your Cream and Skincare Products and Common Mistakes to Avoid to Preserve Their Active Ingredients and Benefits

How to correctly store your skincare products? Let's see it together in 5 simple points.

1. Store Your Face Cream in a Cool, Dry Place

The famous cool and dry place is indeed necessary.

Avoid exposing your face cream to high or low temperatures or excessive humidity.

High temperatures can alter the consistency and effectiveness of the cream, and freezing should also be avoided (so, no windowsills in winter if you live in places where the temperature drops below freezing).

Humidity can, on the other hand, promote the proliferation of bacteria. Good choices are cabinets with doors; avoid leaving it on the shower ledge, under the window, or near a radiator.

2. Keep Your Face Cream Away from Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can degrade the active ingredients in your face cream if the container is not opaque. So, try to store the cream in a fairly dark place, not under a sunny window. Cabinets with doors are ideal.

3. Always Seal the Container Properly

Even if you're in a hurry, make sure to seal the container of your face cream correctly after each use. This prevents the entry of air and, more generally, external contaminants.

4. Avoid Contaminating the Cream

It's good practice not to contaminate the cream. Take the necessary amount of cream from the jar with clean hands, and ideally use a clean spatula or palette to avoid contaminating the product with dust or bacteria on your fingers. This is especially important for those with long nails.

5. Follow the Manufacturer's Instructions

Check if the cream's manufacturer provides specific instructions on storage. Some products may require special conditions to maintain their effectiveness, such as refrigeration.

At Grapey, we provide usage instructions, extra information about the active ingredients, and application tips inside the case that contains our face creams.


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