Which anti-aging cream to choose after the age of 50? | Grapey

Which anti-aging cream to choose after the age of 50? | Grapey

In this blog post, we delve into the art of ageless radiance with Grapey's insightful tips on selecting the perfect anti-aging cream. Unveil the secrets to unlocking a youthful glow as we explore the question of which face cream to choose when you get 50 and after. Join us on this journey to discover the rejuvenating power of skincare tailored to your needs. Let Grapey be your guide as we navigate the realm of anti-aging creams, ensuring that your choice integrates seamlessly with the demands of naturalness and quality imposed by age.

Choosing Effective Products

After the age of 50, it's crucial to select a highly effective anti-aging cream. This is when deeper wrinkles start to appear, and the natural collagen regeneration becomes less intense.

Grapes have the most potent natural anti-aging properties. Grapey's anti-aging cream is made from unripe grapes and ensures maximum antioxidant and anti-wrinkle efficacy, both in a curative and preventive sense. It protects the skin for over 6 hours and triggers cellular regeneration.

Choosing Natural Products

It's essential for the cream to be natural and preferably organic, as these standards guarantee the absence of chemical residues. That's why all Grapey products are derived from organic grapes, making them 96% natural.

Choosing Products Based on Advanced Research: Grapey Anti-Age

When you passed 50 years old it's extremely important to choose effective products. Laboratory research is essential to develop effective, safe, and pleasant face creams. While grapes are well-known for their antioxidant effectiveness, in formulating Grapey Anti-Age, we've enriched their effectiveness by using unripe grapes, which contain a high concentration of stem cells, extremely vital and constituting the primary active ingredient in our Grapey Anti-Age cream.

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Grapey Anti-Age: Extract of Unripe Grapes with Stem Cells

Grapey anti-age is formulated based on an active ingredient derived from stem cells of grapes discarded before maturation. Extracted stem cells are undifferentiated, meaning they're not yet specialized for a specific function.

Stem cells possess two major properties:

- The ability to self-renew through cell division;

- The ability to specialize and become cells of specific tissues and organs.

During the stem cell fermentation process, the overproduction of some highly efficient molecules, such as phenols and glycosylated stilbenes, has been induced. These molecules are stable and highly bioavailable.

The result is an extremely effective antioxidant active ingredient that can efficiently combat free radicals. Therefore, Grapey Anti-Age can significantly increase the skin's antioxidant capacity, providing effective protection against UV rays and external assaults like those from free radicals, up to +124% compared to untreated skin. The protective effect is long-lasting and keeps the skin's defenses high for over 6 hours.

What are you waiting for? Test the effectiveness of Grapey Anti-Age yourself.


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